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August 11-13, 2017@GRT Temple bay, Mahabaliburam.


Dear Friends,

Some of us haven’t seen each other since our college days and some of us live near each other, but this is everyone’s chance to get together 25 years after leaving college. It’s hard to believe that 25 years have flown by since we roamed the halls as students of Annamalai University!  Some of us have a lot of catching up to do with our former classmates and there are many great memories to share !

We have arranged a two day celebration starting at 3:00pm on Friday, August 11, 2017 for a family-friendly get-together, dinner and dancing at the GRT Temple Bay - Mahabalipuram. This is your chance to dress-up a bit. We have arranged boating, cricket as well as swimming and evening to enjoy musical programs and much more. Feel free to dress as casually as you want.

We are continuously working on this to make this a memorable experience and not just another reunion. Events may be altered/shifted based on the situation.

Hope to see you there.

List of Registered Participants

  • It’s been 25 years since we completed our course. Much has changed in the world and certainly in our own lives.
  • We have come a full circle from being students to parents, Zero worries to firefighting day in & out.
  • Hairfall, grey hair, ever growing hip size, being called ‘Uncle/Aunty’ no longer bother us! We feel we have much more problems to sort out and continue to add more to our kitty.
  • Don’t you think its time to catch up, unwind and immerse in nostalgia, share our problems, pranks we played @ Travancore, new block, RSA, RMH, railway station, mariappa nagar, MS wines, Thamarai Illam, LH back gate, Milky Mist, Pichavaram, Pondicherry…
  • Show our family our friends & friendship… friends who had no expectation, accepted you as you were, shared everything & stood by your side, got you into trouble
  • Lets get-together between 11th -13th August, 2017 @ GRT Templebay, Mahabalipuram (near Chennai), India.



How to get there?

From Chennai: 60Kms
From Pondicherry: 99.7 km
By Train or Air: Chennai is the nearest city. You will have to take a Taxi or MTC’s AC buses are available from CMBT, T.Nagar, Guindy
Facilities: Swimming Pool, Indoor Games, Boating, Cycling

Friends Say

  • Hellooooo All!!!
    I am eagerly waiting to see you all @ our 25th Year reunion. I don’t want to miss it this time!!! See you all sooooonnn

    Srini (Dums), Chemical

  • Dear friends
    I am very much excited and looking forward to August 11. I request all of you to come to the reunion and lets relive those 4 years again.

    Sundaram (E&E)

  • Hi Guys
    I am thrilled at the very thought of this reunion where we can be ourselves again, get back to the good old days, meet our friends and catch up with many. However busy you may be please make sure you are there between 11 & 13 th of August.
    I am waiting!!!

    Sathya (E&I)

  • Hurray!! Its college time again….no matter whatever it is, I am there. All of u try to make it please!

  • Wow!! No Thangamani!! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy

    No names please, Mechnical
  • These 3 days we are going to live for ourselves. I confirm my participation. Friends all of you please make it.

    Senthil Erottan (C&S)

  • Its time to laugh out loud, speak your mind & live for yourself. If you can’t do it elsewhere you can do it this August. Join us or you will regret it.

    A L Kannan (ALKA) Comp. Sci.



Why the event is not organized in Chidambaram or Pondicherry?

Chidambaram: There are no good hotels now. Both Saradaram & Akshaya are in very bad shape. Only other option is University guest house. But arranging food for 200 people for two days is not possible as the hostel messes are closed over the weekend.

Pondicherry: There aren’t any good hotels with 100+ rooms. We may have to arrange two hotels to accommodate all. As this could spoil the fun we opted out of Pondy.


Can I visit for just one day?

Sorry! It is a 2 nights/3 days package offer. However you can pay the full price but choose to stay for one night.

Can I come during the day?

No it will not be possible.

Can I bring my parents/guests?

No. This is an event for all of us. However you can make a booking with the hotel directly if rooms are available.

Is spot registration possible?

Sorry! It is a package rate for bookings made atleast 3 months or earlier. Spot registrations will not be accepted.

How many families are coming?

Being the 25th year reunion we are encouraging everyone to come with family. We will be updating this information in the website regularly. Please look into the ‘Register’ menu for details.


Why are you collecting sponsorship instead of collecting from the participants?

We would like to keep the costs minimal so that many of our friends can take part. If the events cost is added to the accommodation cost the price will go up substantially. That is why we are collecting sponsorships from those who are willing to contribute voluntarily.

How are we planning to spend the money collected?

There are two parts in this event.
1. Accommodation and food If you look at the offer given by the hotel cost collected towards accommodation is directly paid to the hotel. There are no margins kept.
2. Sponsorship collected to be spent towards various events. We don’t intend to collect beyond the budget.


What are the plans to engage spouse and children?

We are planning for a host of events for both family and children. You can click on the ‘Events’ menu to view the details.

Are we going to invite and felicitate our teachers during this event?

NO. May be we can try and invite few of them available in Chennai.

Whether any separate arrangements available fron the organizers to arrange for any local transportation or local sight seeing trips if required by us?

YES. We can assist you and the payment can be made directly to them. However, please let us know well in advance for any such requirements.


What about cancellations/refunds?

No this is not possible as we have to make payments to the hotel in advance.

Is the cost justified?

There are only three hotels with more than 100 rooms near Chennai– Vivanta by Taj, Intercontinental & Radisson Blu GRT Temple Bay.

Vivanta by Taj

It is costlier by 30% compared to GRT’s offer. They said they will also charge for the lawn, lighting and other amenities. As for as the activities are concerned this has limited options compared to GRT.


Ambience was not great and they didn’t bother to respond to our repeated requests for a quote.

GRT Templebay

GRT scored better than others in every aspect – Cost, ambience, Management’s response & co-operation, amenities, rooms. Here is a cost comparison of the GRTs website best available price & the offer we have got.
click to view


What is Transaction charge?

This is a charge levied by Payment gateways for processing the payments through various methods. This amount will go to the service provider (ccavenue/paypal) directly.
This charge varies from provider to provider. In this case while ccavenue charges 3%, paypal charges 4.4%+0.30cents per transaction.